*” Where shall I begin, Please, your Majesty?” He [the white rabbit] asked.” Begin at the beginning”, the king said gravely’ and go on till you come to the ither end: then stop’.Lewis Carroll – ‘Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland ch.12 (1865)

” Where shall I begin, Please, your Majesty?” He [the white rabbit] asked.” Begin at the beginning”, the king said gravely’ and go on till you come to the ither end: then stop’.Lewis Carroll – ‘Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland ch.12 (1865)

Hello World, that is, people at the macro level (I don’t mean the ‘cash and carry’ warehouse either).;

hello everyone in MY world , that is the habitees of planet Cat…(which tends to narrow it down slightly).

Well, as I’m a virgin blogger on a ‘maiden voyage’, I shall endeavour to keep this first one short n sweet. I am impressed though at the wealth of resources, apps and cyber tools that are out there…. incredible! Its like spawning a new life; the ‘ not-so-secret’ diary of Cat (inahat) Hughes, age 42 and half and seeing where this will take me… a voyage of intrigue and exploits; an expedition  of self-discovery and big adventures…!

Oh please –  spare  me the self-indulgent verbal crap and get back to basics, I hear the little devil on my left shoulder say…

So, here we are. Its October 1st 2010 Anno Domini. Its been seven months exactly, since my brain decided to ‘spontaneously combust’ and piss out blood into the small space between its outer surface and my skull. I use the term ‘spontaneous combustion’, quite loosely; insomuchas, it didn’t actually just self-ignite and set itself on fire, like the cases depicted in those perversely fascinating journals. You know the ones I’m talking about, with banal titles like, ‘ “science – the unexplained.” No, It was rather more mundane than that. The only ‘bells and whistles’ going that night, were the ones attached to my ambulance and even then, there were no exciting fancy automobile manouvres; no hand break turns around 45 degree angled corners that appeared suddenly out of perfectly straight road; no wheelies or screeching of breaks, leaving impressive streaks of oil-slick skids and tyre tracks in their wake, like roman candles on November 5th… no blazing the trails… It was strangely undramatic, to the point of surreal, for what was actually, a matter of my life, or death. Without embellishment, It was quite simply, very noble men and women, going about their working duties, in a quietly confident and efficient manner. Not for ‘The Stig’ was this event…A stoic white ambulance that had seen it all before… Lamborghini and ‘Stigless’, one could say this wasn’t going to make prime time news, But it was MY event.  MY brain.. and MY carotid dissection causing MY strokes. So I’m not going to dilute it down by putting celebrity above valour!  I know who my heroes were that night; my ‘behind the scenes celebrities’, hereoes whose names I never would get to know… and they were not carrying autograph pens and all that crap… because it would only hinder their work anyway… And So it was, my brain went AWOL exactly 7 months ago today.

I hereby declare this day as being, not just the first day of October 2010, but the first day of the beginning of the rest of my life! See y’all soon kids;-)

Catinahat X


About catinahat68

I am a resident of Pudsey, a market town suberb of Leeds. I've lived in other towns and other countries but seem to have planted some roots here in Pudsey, which I regard fondly as my own hometown now. My daughter is about to leave the UK for sunnier climes and my son, is still a young whipper snapper of 13, lives here with me. I have a neurological disability called Narcolepsy; which is often a talking point (or writing point as the case may be...) as there are only 2,500 diagnosed cases in the UK, from a population of what, 60 million..? I consider myself to be pretty unique...;-) Anyway, I don'r want to bore everyine with all this stuff about myself so its enough to say, "watch this space". Oh, btw, I must warn you, this is the first time I've ever blogged... you could say I'm a blog virgin;-) Ciao!
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