Or foe?

Outstretched your hand

You let me know.



You’re Gone.

The hand, retracted.

I Did wrong? Friend



About catinahat68

I am a resident of Pudsey, a market town suberb of Leeds. I've lived in other towns and other countries but seem to have planted some roots here in Pudsey, which I regard fondly as my own hometown now. My daughter is about to leave the UK for sunnier climes and my son, is still a young whipper snapper of 13, lives here with me. I have a neurological disability called Narcolepsy; which is often a talking point (or writing point as the case may be...) as there are only 2,500 diagnosed cases in the UK, from a population of what, 60 million..? I consider myself to be pretty unique...;-) Anyway, I don'r want to bore everyine with all this stuff about myself so its enough to say, "watch this space". Oh, btw, I must warn you, this is the first time I've ever blogged... you could say I'm a blog virgin;-) Ciao!
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